Privacy Requirements for Filed Documents

Redaction of Personal Identifiers

To protect privacy of individuals, certain personal data identifiers as listed below must be edited out or otherwise deleted before a document is filed with the Court (see Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037 and LBR 9037-1).  The Court will not review filed documents to ensure personal data identifiers are removed.

Social Security/Tax Identification Numbers: If disclosure of an individual’s Social Security number or Tax Identification number is required, only the last four digits of that number should be used.  This does not apply to the Statement of Social Security Number(s) (Official Form B121).

Names of Minor Children: Only the initials of a child under the age of 18 can be included on a document.

Dates of Birth:  Only the year of birth of an individual can be used.

Financial Account Numbers:  Only the last four digits of a financial account number should be used.