Rules & Procedures


Bankruptcy Rules and Procedures

Local Rules

The Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs) are a set of procedures and mandatory requirements for bankruptcy cases and proceedings in the District of Rhode Island. LBRs also give parties and their attorneys instructions for getting their requests in front of the judge and list requirements for attorneys, trustees, and other parties who work for a bankruptcy estate. Motions are often denied because parties do not follow LBRs, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the LBRs that are relevant to your case. If revised, LBRs are posted under the menu "Recently Adopted Local Rule Changes".

Bankruptcy General Orders

General orders are directives published by the Court that establish a procedure or a requirement in the District of Rhode Island and are often issued in between local rule changes to more quickly make a rule or procedure change. Each general order applies to one specific issue that affects the Court. Often, general orders apply to issues that are not covered by LBRs.

Attorney Handbook and Electronic Filer User Manual (EFUM)

The Attorney Handbook, and Electronic Filer User Manual (EFUM) serve as two important resources for the Bar and public covering common filing and procedural topics, links to relevant local and federal rules as well as a wealth of important instructions and contact information. The EFUM includes step-by-step instructions for filing documents electronically with the Court. These manuals also contain other valuable court filing and procedure information for attorneys, legal assistants, and the public, including information and links related to filing fees and procedures, flowcharts, clerical and mechanical rules, and instructions and guides for public access to court dockets, records, and court technology.