Clerk's Register of Governmental Units Mailing Addresses



The Clerk shall publish a current Register annually by January 2nd, and may update the Register more often as deemed appropriate.  


 Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 5003(e) requires the Clerk to maintain a register of mailing addresses for federal and state governmental units, which must be updated annually. The mailing address on the register is considered the proper address for each listed governmental unit, but the failure to use that mailing address does not invalidate any notice that is otherwise effective under applicable law.



To be listed on the Register, an appropriate official of the governmental unit must complete and submit a Request for Listing for each address the governmental unit wishes to appear on the Register.

The completed form must include:

  • the governmental unit's official name;
  • its complete mailing address for service of process;
  • a telephone number available for users of the Register who may have questions concerning the information listed;
  • the date on which the request was submitted to the Court; and
  • the title and signature of the requesting official.

MULTIPLE ADDRESSES:  Governmental units may have multiple addresses listed on the Register. However, those requesting the listing of multiple addresses must submit a separate Request for Listing for each address, and must include a brief statement, subject to the approval of the Clerk, explaining to the users of the Register the circumstances in which each address is to be used.

A governmental unit whose address is already listed in the Register may update its information at any time by submitting a new and complete Request for Listing.