Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing

Attention Debtors:  Request to receive your orders and court-generated notices by email!  The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Rhode Island now offers debtors the opportunity to request receipt of court notices and orders via email, instead of U.S. mail, through the program  “Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing” or “DeBN.” 

  • It’s FAST: Receive your orders and court-generated notices the same day the Court generates them, and the same day as your attorney.

  • It’s FREE: No charge to enroll, or to view or save your emailed orders and court-generated notices.

  • It’s CONVENIENT: Receive unlimited access to your orders and court-generated notices from your computer or mobile device equipped with an Internet connection and a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to Request Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing:


     1.  File a Debtor's Request to Activate Electronic Noticing (DeBN) form with the Court, or your attorney can file it electronically for you.

     2.  Once your request has been reviewed and approved by the Court, an account will be created for you and you will receive a confirmation Email with  "ACTIVATION REQUIRED" in the subject line.  This email will originate  from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center ("BNC") and you must respond to this email in order for your account to be activated.

     3.  The Bankruptcy Noticing Center [BNC] will send you confirmation emails using these addresses:

    4.  Please add these email addresses to your contacts/safe-sender list to ensure delivery of court notices/orders to your email address.

    5.  After activation, all future notices and orders issued by the Court will be delivered to you via email, as long as your name and address in the bankruptcy case match your name and address in your DeBN account and there are no email transmission failures. (If a transmission failure occurs, the notice or order will be mailed).  The DeBN notice containing your email address will not be visible to the public.

File an Updated Request form IF you:

  1. Change your email address;

  2. File a new case after enrolling in DeBN (so the Court can make sure your name and address in your DeBN account match your new case); or

  3. Wish to deactivate or reactivate your account.