Forms for Filing a Bankruptcy Case
A combination of different forms must be used to file a voluntary bankruptcy case, including Official Forms for Bankruptcy Petition, Schedules, and Statements.  
Bankruptcy Petition Packages include basic instructions and all of the forms required to file a bankruptcy case under the two most common chapters of bankruptcy in Rhode Island: 
Forms for Individual Debtor:  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and Chapter 13 Plan (this is a downloadable compressed file; download and unzip); Forms for Non-Individual Debtor.

Official Bankruptcy forms are approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States and are required to be used to file and take action in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings.  For more information, such as instructions and committee notes, please visit the forms page on the United States Courts website.

Local Bankruptcy Rule (LBR) Forms
LBR forms are approved by the District of Rhode Island  Bankruptcy Court. Each LBR form is numbered to correspond to a related LBR (e.g., Local Form 3015-1.1 is related to LBR 3015-1).

Loss Mitigation forms have been approved for use in the District of Rhode Island's Bankruptcy Loss Mitigation Program.
Proof of Claim Forms
Proof of Claim forms are often-used Official Bankruptcy Forms that may be filed by creditors in a case. Creditors will be provided with a notice if and when a Proof of Claim should be filed in a case as well as the deadline for filing a Proof of Claim. Instructions are included on Proof of Claim forms.