Transcript Procedures and Rates

By Type of User:

  • Non-electronic filers may order an official typewritten transcript of a court hearing by calling the Transcription Clerk at (401) 626-3122 (Dina Fortes). 

Cost of Transcript:

  • The estimated cost of the transcript is based on the number of pages and the delivery time requested (see below chart). 

  • One hour of audio equals approximately 50 typed pages. Please see Maximum Transcript Rate Schedule for more information on pricing.

  • A transcript that is estimated to be over 100 pages cannot be ordered on an hourly or daily basis. 

  • The actual cost will be determined by the assigned transcriber (transcribers are assigned on a rotating basis by the court) and the requestor must pay the fee directly to the transcriber before the transcript is released, unless another arrangement is made prior to the production of the transcript.

  • The transcriber will contact you for your billing information prior to starting the transcript.

  • If you would like a copy of a transcript that has previously been ordered by another party, you may contact the transcriber that producted the transcript and obtain a less expensive rate.

Type of Delivery Delivery Time Price Per Page
Ordinary Up to 30 days 3.65 per page
14 Day Up to 14 days 4.25 per page
Expedited Up to 7 days 4.85 per page
3 Day Up to 3 calendar days  5.45 per page
Daily* Next calendar day 6.05 per page
Hourly** 2 hours 7.25 per page

Definition of Delivery Types: 

  • Daily: A transcript to be delivered on the calendar day following receipt of the order (regardless of whether that calendar day is a weekend or holiday), prior to the normal opening hour of the clerk’s office.
  • Hourly: A transcript of proceedings to be delivered within two (2) hours from receipt of the order.

    • Example: a two (2) hour hearing would be about 100 pages. If you want an ordinary transcript prepared, multiply 100 pages times $3.65 per page. [100 x $3.65 = $365.00]