Unclaimed Funds Search

In some bankruptcy cases money is left over from the bankruptcy estate, which the Court holds as unclaimed funds on behalf of parties owed.  A variety of reasons may cause funds to be left with the Court, such as when the trustee is not provided the correct address to send a payment to a creditor, or when a dividend check from the bankruptcy estate is not cashed within 90 days.  

NOTE:  Although the Court makes every effort to display accurate data, this database is not the official court record.  Please review the docket entries related to the deposit of unclaimed monies for the particular creditor/case of interest, to ensure that a record contains funds purported in this search.

SEARCH:  Below is a link to the national unclaimed funds database (if funds are located in another court, you will need to file your request in that court).   If you are only searching for funds in Rhode Island, select RIB as the court name in the top Court field.  

[SEARCH Unclaimed Funds (national)]

If you are unable to locate your claim using this search, or for any general questions relating to unclaimed funds, please call (401) 626-3142.

REQUEST PAYMENT:  To request payment of unclaimed funds you are owed, file an application with the Court using the required forms listed below.   A request for unclaimed funds must be filed in compliance with Director's Form B 1340 Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds. 

Please refer to the Instructions for Filing an Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds for detailed information and steps.

Click below to access national and local forms to seek recovery of unclaimed funds, and file with the Court:  

Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds - (Eff. 12/1/2019) 

Proposed Order for Payment of Unclaimed Funds (Eff. 12/1/2019)

Notice of Unclaimed Funds Response Deadline and Certificate of Service 

Form AO213 -- Vendor Information, TIN Certification