How to Obtain Case Information

Automated Voice Case Information System

Case information is available toll free through the Court's automated Voice Case Information System (VCIS).  Call (866)-222-8029

What you need: A touch-tone telephone is the only equipment you need to access VCIS.  This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A case number, complete name, or a social security number/individual taxpayer identification number is required to obtain case information. The information available from the automated system is:

  • Case Number


Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a web-based system that allows users with an internet connection and a PACER account to view or print case documents online.  A fee of .10 cents is charged for each page viewed. PACER user fees that do not exceed $30 in a quarterly billing cycle are waived in accordance with the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule.  To sign up for a PACER account, register at 

During Covid-19: Access to Court Documents Usually Available from the Clerk's Office

Notice to Public Access Terminal Users:

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and temporary closing of the Clerk's office, public access to court records that would otherwise be available for viewing and copying from the Clerk's office public area may instead be accessed by any of the following methods:   

1.  By Telephone Request -- If you need assistance with accessing court documents and are not able, or cannot afford, to use, please call (401) 626-3100, ext. 0 for assistance, o

General Access to Case Documents - Open and Closed Cases


Documents in cases filed from January 1998 to present are available in electronic form and can be obtained directly from:

Certified Copies of Bankruptcy Documents

Certified copies of bankruptcy documents can be obtained by calling the  Clerk's office at (401) 626-3100, ext. 0 or by mail request.

In order to obtain a certified copy of a bankruptcy document, you must have both the bankruptcy case number and the docket number of the document to be certified.

1.  How to Locate Bankruptcy Case Number: