Court Instructions

Length Limits Stated in Part VIII of FRBP

This chart shows the length limits stated in Part VIII of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

Instructions for Filing Motion for Court Excusal

In order to be excused from attendance at a court hearing during a set period of time (i.e. vacation, sick period), counsel must file a Motion to be Excused from Court in the format prescribed by the Court.  The motion must state that the attorney has no matters already scheduled for hearing before the Bankruptcy Court during the requested time period, otherwise  a Motion to Continue the hearing must first be filed.   Alternatively, you may indicate that you have made arrangements for a substitute attorney to appear in your absence (substitute attorney must be a member of the federal bar). 

Instructions for Telephonic Court Appearances

An attorney or party in interest seeking to appear telephonically at a hearing before the Court must file a motion in accordance with LBR 9074-1.  Written requests must be filed no later than 3 days in advance of the scheduled hearing.

Revised Transcript Process (12/1/23)

Flowchart of revised transcript process and required electronic filing events to implement the December 1, 2014 bankruptcy appeal changes and further amended December 1, 2023 to reflect changes to the transcipt ordering process.

Attorney Reference Guide (to Federal and Local Rule 12/1/14 changes)

This document serves as a quick reference guide for attorneys regarding the December 1, 2014 federal and local form changes, fee changes and electronic filing event changes.

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