Instructions for Telephonic Court Appearances

An attorney or party in interest seeking to appear telephonically at a hearing before the Court must file a motion in accordance with LBR 9074-1.  Written requests must be filed no later than 3 days in advance of the scheduled hearing.

The Court may also order the telephonic appearance of a party in interest or their representative in advance of a scheduled hearing.

During inclement weather and at the discretion of the Court, parties and or counsel may be allowed to appear telephonically without meeting LBR 9074-1(a)’s three day advance request.


Technical Requirements

  • Whenever possible, telephonic participants must call from a land line. Calls made from mobile telephones will only be accepted if no land line is available.

  •  Participants must use a hand-held device - use of the telephone's speaker function may cause feedback or otherwise interfere with the courtroom recording system.

  •  Your telephone must be kept on mute until your case is called to avoid disruption during hearings on other cases.


Accessing the Court's Telephone Conference Bridge

  • Five (5) minutes prior to the start of the telephone conference, dial the Clerk’s Office Conference Bridge at (888) 684-8852

  • Enter the Access Code# you were provided by the Court.  (If unsure, contact the courtroom deputy at (401) 626-3136)

  • When prompted, enter the Participant Security Code for your session, then press pound (#)

  • You will be prompted for your name. At the tone, state your name for the voice conferencing system. You will then be connected to the conference bridge.

  • When connected, please state your name again so the court knows which party is on the line.

    Please remember to mute your phone until ready to address the court. Once you have joined the conference bridge, any conversation on your end of the line will be audible.