Instructions for Filing Motion for Court Excusal

In order to be excused from attendance at a court hearing during a set period of time (i.e. vacation, sick period), counsel must file a Motion to be Excused from Court in the format prescribed by the Court.  The motion must state that the attorney has no matters already scheduled for hearing before the Bankruptcy Court during the requested time period, otherwise  a Motion to Continue the hearing must first be filed.   Alternatively, you may indicate that you have made arrangements for a substitute attorney to appear in your absence (substitute attorney must be a member of the federal bar). 

Motions may be filed in paper, or alternatively, may be sent electronically via email to our Helpdesk at:  The subject line of the email must state, "Motion For Excusal".

An order granting a motion to be excused, excuses counsel from court appearances during the period requested only. Said order does not excuse counsel from court filing deadlines or from attendance at Section 341 Meetings of Creditors. Excusal from a Section 341 meeting must be given by the trustee conducting the meeting.

A calendar of approved attorney excusals is maintained on the Court's website for informational purposes.