Payment Options

Payment of Filing Fee in Full

  By Individual Filing for Bankruptcy -- The filing fee commencing a bankruptcy case shall be paid in cash, cashier’s check or money order  made payable to “Clerk, US Bankruptcy Court.” Payment by Debtor’s personal check or credit card is not accepted.  Self-represented Debtors using the free online payment program may pay u

Application to Pay in Installments

If you cannot afford to pay the entire filing fee at the time of the initial case filing, you may file an Application to Pay the Fee in Installments.

Waiver of Filing Fee (Chapter 7 Only)

In Chapter 7 cases only, for individuals who cannot afford to pay either the full filing fee upon filing, or the fee over time (through installment payments), and who satisfy the poverty guidelines, there is an application process to request a waiver of the Chapter 7 filing fee, known as "In Forma Pauperis".