Homeowner Assistance Fund - Rhode Island (HAF-RI)

The Homeowner Assistance Fund Rhode Island (HAF-RI) is a new federal program created to help eligible homeowner households who have fallen behind on their mortgages and other housing-related expenses as a result of COVID-19.

RIHousing is administering the HAF-RI program on behalf of the state of Rhode Island. The HAF-RI program will help eligible Rhode Island homeowners remain in their homes by assisting with a range of housing-related expenses including:

  • Mortgage arrearages
  • Monthly mortgage payments
  • Principal reduction
  • Property taxes, homeowner association fees, and condominium association fees
  • Payment assistance for utilities, flood or mortgage insurance, and other housing-related expenses if you receive assistance for one of the expenses listed above.

Individuals looking for more information, application assistance, or answers to frequently asked questions about the program should visit: www.HAF-RI.com

RIHousing requires that debtors in bankruptcy first obtain approval from the court to participate in HAF-RI and receive assistance.  The Court has provided a template motion: Motion for Consent to Apply for the Homeowner Assistance Fund.

Electronic Filers should review the electronic filing instructions for filing the Motion for Consent and GO 22-001 Excepting Response Time Language on Motions to Apply for or Accept Homeowner Assistance Funds.