Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

The federal Judiciary is committed to a workplace free from discrimination, sexual or other discriminatory harassment, and abusive conduct. It is also committed to ensuring that every employee has clear avenues to obtain confidential advice, report misconduct, and seek and receive remedial action.  Please refer to the below resources for information about the District of Rhode Island's Employment Dispute Resolution Plan, local EDR contacts, as well as national resources and governing authorities on this subject matter:

1.  The District of Rhode Island's Employment Dispute Resolution Plan with related appendices.

2.  Contact Information for the District of Rhode Island EDR Coordinators, the Direction of Workplace Relations and the Office of Judicial Integrity.

3.  The Judicial Conduct and Disability Act, and applicable governing rules as amended in 2019, provide mandatory and nationally uniform provisions governing the substantive and procedural aspects of judicial conduct and disability proceedings under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act. 

4.  The US Courts Workplace Conduct in the Judiciary webpage.