Court Mediation Services

After many years of providing expert mediation services to this Court and litigants appearing before the Court, Berry Mitchell is retiring at the end of this year. Mr. Mitchell has provided countless hours to the Court and litigants providing highly skillful mediation in adversary proceedings and contested matters, as underscored by his success in nearly every case he has mediated for the Court. The Court wishes him all the best and much happiness in his well-deserved retirement.

Effective January 1, 2024, Chief Bankruptcy Judge Peter Cary of the District of Maine has graciously agreed to provide mediation services to this Court and litigants before the Court. Judge Cary is highly skilled in mediating matters and has conducted numerous mediations during his tenure on the bench. Unless litigants request to appear in person in Portland, Maine, mediations by Judge Cary will be conducted virtually.

The Court’s procedures for requesting mediation remain unchanged; parties simply need to file a request with the Court for mediation, and the Court will advise the parties if Judge Cary is available to mediate the disputed matter.


Thursday, December 28, 2023