Changes to Free Bankruptcy Legal Clinic Meetings

Effective immediately the Rhode Island Bankruptcy Legal Clinic will be conducted by telephone conference only, rather than in-person at the Court.

Individuals signed up for a Clinic session are REQUIRED to complete two documents prior to being served telephonically by the volunteer attorney – an Intake Form and a Liability Waiver form.  Both of these forms must be completed in full, emailed to the clinic coordinator, Janet Descoteaux at, with a contact telephone number no later than TWO days before the clinic appointment.  If these forms are not received by the clinic coordinator and a contact telephone number, the appointment will be cancelled.

The volunteer attorney will initiate the telephone conference on the date and time of the scheduled appointment at the contact number provided.  It is possible that the first appointment of the clinic session may last longer than the allotted time, so the second appointment customer should remain available for up to thirty (30) minutes after their scheduled time.  Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to try and provide free bankruptcy legal clinic services during this difficult pandemic period.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020