Annual Customer Service Survey

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dear Bankruptcy Attorney:

The Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court's Mission is "to provide a forum for equal access to services and information for the just resolution of fiscal disputes", and our Vision is to reflect "Honesty, Access, Professionalism, Positive Attitude and Innovation". Our employees strive to meet these expectations and work diligently throughout the year to provide the best possible customer service with utmost professionalism.

Annually, we recognize those individuals who have exceeded in providing great customer service to our customers.  To help us in this effort, please complete the attached very brief (honestly, only 5 questions!) survey and identify those individuals who in your opinion, have provided you with exemplary customer service at the Court.

Survey Link

Please respond by July 15, 2016 so we may incorporate your feedback at our annual employee recognition ceremony.

Thank you in advance!