Electronic Filing Guidance

Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005-4 entitled "Electronic Filing" contains the requirements, eligibility, registration, training and procedures for filing documents electronically with the Court.  

Registered Users must adhere strictly to these requirements, and pay special attention to the signature and retention requirements regarding documents filed with the Court. 

Local Bankruptcy Rule 9037-1, entitled "Privacy Guidelines" sets forth the Judicial Conference of the United State's policy and Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037 requirements for protecting the privacy of personal data identifiers when filing electronic documents with the Court.  

The responsibility for redacting the personal identifiers enumerated in FRBP 9037(a) rests solely with counsel and the parties.

CM/ECF filers should be aware of the potential to inadvertently share restricted documents when using third-party services or software.  
Sharing CM/ECF filing credentials and PACER account credentials with a third-party service provider or designating that provider as a secondary recipient of a Notice of Electronic Filing or Notice of Docket Activity (NEF/NDA) will give it access to sealed case information and documents in violation of court order.
You are urged to use caution in your computer security practices to ensure that sealed documents to which you have access are not disclosed. Fee exempt users should not share the documents they obtain from PACER under the exemption, unless expressly authorized by the court.