The District of Rhode Island offers a database of opinions for the years 1996 to present, listed by year and judge.
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Order Denying Approval of Disclosure Statement 06/05/2003
  • In re: Slater Health Center, INC.
  • BK No: 01-10273
Order Denying United States Trustee’s Motion to Alter or Amend Order 06/05/2003
  • In re: Deborah A. Lima
  • BK No: 93-20821-ANV
Order Setting Compensation 05/07/2003
  • In re: Joseph Patti
  • BK No: 02-13215
Decision and Order 05/05/2003
  • In re: Michael A. Eacueo
  • BK No: 01-11939
Order to Appear and Show Cause Why The Above Captioned Case Should Not Be Dismissed With A Bar To Refiling 05/02/2003
  • In re: Edward & Judith Deslauriers
  • BK No: 03-11604
Decision and Order 05/01/2003
  • In re: Gordon Davignon and Joyce Davignon
  • BK No: 96-12769
  • AP No: 02-1021
Order To Show Cause Why Order Granting Relief From Stay Should Not Be Vacated 04/14/2003
  • In re: Dennis Herula
  • BK No: 02-14346
Order Denying Confirmation of Second Amended Plan 03/24/2003
  • In re: Jeanne M. Braun
  • BK No: 02-14222
Order Granting In Part the Trustee’s Emergency Motion to Enforce the Automatic Stay 03/17/2003
  • In re: Deborah A. Lima
  • BK No: 11-10057
  • AP No: 11-1010
Order Setting Fees 03/13/2003
  • In re: Old Orchard Ocean Pier Company
  • BK No: 83-20219