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Welcome to the Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Opinions Page. You may access court opinions in three different ways:


     Welcome to the Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Opinions Page.

     You may access court opinions in three different ways:


1. Via our on-line database of opinions covering the years 1996 to present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box at the top of this page.

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Decision and Order
Jan 24 2017
  • Boudreau vs. RI Division of Taxation
  • A.P. No. 16-01001 (BK No. 15-10162)
Memorandum and Order on Continuing Loss Mitigation
Dec 16 2016
  • In re: Teresa L Tamelleo
  • BK No. 16-11437
Decision and Order on Creditor's Motion to Convert
Dec 5 2016
  • In re Andrew Bouchard
  • BK No. 15-10543
Decision and Order
Oct 27 2016
  • In re:  Richard F. Carpenter
  • Case No: 16-10150
Decision and Order
Sep 16 2016
  • In re: Sharon Rougier
  • Case No: 16-10571
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion for Default Judgment
Sep 12 2016
  • In re: Kenneth and Sharon Fratantuono vs. James Fundakowski
  • Case No: 16-1003 (related bk  15-12227)
  • noteworthy order
Memorandum and Order on Defendants Motion to Dismiss
Sep 7 2016
  • In re: William K. Harrington, U.S. Trustee vs. Keven  Mckenna
  • Case No: 16-1014
  • (In Re: Sandra Sanchez Bk No: 16-10131)
Order Denying Motion to Extend Automatic Stay
Jun 8 2016
  • In Re:  Curtis Lotter
  • Case No: 16-10790
  • noteworthy order


Memorandum Supplemental to Order
May 11 2016
  • In re: Richard Lewis
  • Case No: 16-10352
  • noteworthy order


Decision and Order
Apr 12 2016
  • In re: Frank Zammiello v. Michael Corrente
  • Case No: 15-1031  (related bk 15-11313)


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