Rhode Island Free Bankruptcy Legal Clinic

Thank You to our Volunteer Attorneys!

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, the Court celebrated the One Year Anniversary of the Bankruptcy Legal Clinic, with a reception for our volunteer attorneys. See One Year Report of Operations  

    We sincerely thank the below attorneys for their participation and service to the Legal Clinic:

 John Boyajian Peter Iascone
 Stacy Ferrara Chris Lefebvre
 Brian Fogarty                    Stephen Levesque
 Peter Furness   George Lough
 Lisa Geremia                    Felicia Manni-Paquette
Janet Goldman žCharlie Pisaturo
Ed Gomes                         žJack Pitts
Jacqueline Grasso              žTom Quinn
David Hathaway                 žRussell Raskin
Kevin Heitke                      John Simonian
Greg Sorbello                    žPaul Waldman








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