New Procedure re: Non-Redacted Filings

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Effective Immediately:

Below is our new procedure when a document containing non-redacted personal identifiers is filed with the court:

1. The court will immediately restrict access to the document.
2. The case manager will call the attorney and tell them that they have until 3 o'clock the following day to submit a redacted version of the document with the court by emailing the document to our helpdesk email address:
3. The case manager will also enter a Notice to Redact on the docket.
4. If the filer does not comply,  the Case Manager will issue an Order to Show Cause for Hearing why the attorney should not be sanctioned for failure to file the redacted document in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 9037.

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 9037,  pleadings filed on the public docket must be redacted accordingly:

  • last four digits of the social security number and individual taxpayer identification number;
  • the year of the individual birth if listed;
  • the minor's initials if listed;
  • the last four digits of the financial account number on schedules or proofs of claim.

Thank you for your cooperation!