Instructions for Telephonic Court Appearances

Instructions for Telephonic Participation in Hearings before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court



  •  An attorney or party in interest seeking to appear telephonically at a hearing before the Court must file a motion in accordance with LBR 9074-1. Written requests must be filed no later than 3 days in advance of the scheduled hearing.
  • The Court may also order the telephonic appearance of a party in interest or their representative in advance of a scheduled hearing.
  •  During inclement weather and at the discretion of the Court, parties and or counsel may be allowed to appear telephonically without meeting LBR 9074-1(a)’s three day advance request.


Technical Requirements

  • Whenever possible, telephonic participants must call from a land line. Calls made from mobile telephones will only be accepted if no land line is available.
  •  Participants must use a hand-held device - use of the telephone's speaker function may cause feedback or otherwise interfere with the courtroom recording system.
  •  Your telephone must be kept on mute until your case is called to avoid disruption during hearings on other cases.


Accessing the Court's Telephone Conference Bridge

  • Twenty (20) minutes prior to the start of the Court's calendar, dial the Clerk's Office main number at (401) 626-3100.
  • When connected to the Main Menu, dial Extension 701.
  • You will be prompted for your name. At the tone, state your name and the system will notify the Court that you have joined the conference bridge.