(a) Transmittal by Electronic/Facsimile Means. The Court will accept documents transmitted by facsimile, electronic or similar device only by filers not registered for electronic filing and only if such documents constitute: (1) a motion requesting emergency relief, and only where the nature of the emergency is clearly defined and explained; (2) an opposition or objection to a motion transmitted under (1) above; (3) a withdrawal of a motion or opposition previously filed; or (4) any other document which the Court specifically authorizes or requests be transmitted by facsimile or other electronic means. Even in these instances however, the faxed document is not docketed, but is received by the Court for emergency review. In order to have the faxed paper deemed "filed" and docketed in the case, the party filing the document must forward the original to the clerk’s office within forty-eight (48) hours thereafter. The clerk’s office will not retain any faxed documents without the original being timely supplied. Any document faxed to the Court shall also be either faxed or hand delivered to opposing parties.


(b) Cover Sheet. A cover sheet in the required form shall be filed with all non-electronically filed adversary proceeding complaints, and all notice of appeal filings.


(c) Discovery Not Filed. Depositions, interrogatories, answers to interrogatories, requests for production or inspection, responses to those requests, notices of deposition, and other discovery material shall not be filed with the Clerk. When any such document is needed in connection with a pre-trial proceeding, those portions which are relevant shall be submitted to the Court as an exhibit to a motion or answer thereto. Any such material needed at trial or hearing shall be introduced as provided in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.