RULE 9072-1 ORDERS - PROPOSED [Modified 9/9/13]


(a) Orders in Open Court. Unless otherwise ordered, orders announced in open court shall be prepared and submitted by the prevailing party, and contemporaneously served upon opposing counsel, within seven (7) days of the hearing.  See also LBR 5005-5(c).


(b) Preparation of Orders and Judgments. Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, orders and judgments prepared by an attorney will not be signed by the Court unless they have been approved as to form by counsel for all affected parties. If no objection is received within seven (7) days of service, the Court may enter the order. In the event an objection to the form of the order is filed within such seven (7) day period, the Court may require counsel to appear and be heard, or may sign or modify the proposed form of order or judgment, as appropriate.


(c) Failure to Submit and Serve Orders. If, after hearing, the Court has assigned responsibility for preparation of an order to counsel, or if counsel has volunteered to submit an order, or subdivision (a) applies, and responsible counsel fails to prepare the order, serve it on interested parties and file it with the Court within fourteen (14) days of the hearing, the Court may take such action as it deems appropriate, including, but not necessarily limited to entry of its own order, imposing sanctions, overruling objections or denying the relief sought.


CROSS REFERENCE See R.I. LBR 5005-4 (Electronic Filing)