RULE 5072-1 COURTROOM DECORUM [Modified 9/9/13]


(a) Announcement of Representation. Upon the call of the case, counsel or if appropriate, a pro se litigant, shall announce his/her name for the record and the name of the party or parties he/she represents.


(b) One Counsel per Party. Unless leave of Court is obtained in advance, only one counsel for each separate interest shall conduct the examination of any one witness, present argument, or make objections with respect to the testimony of that witness.


(c) Offer and Marking Exhibits. Before referring to, using, or offering into evidence any exhibit,counsel shall first have the proposed exhibit marked for identification with a copy to opposing counsel.


(d) Courtroom Security. Security personnel, including the United States Marshal, a Deputy Marshal, or a deputized court security officer, shall inspect all objects carried by persons entering the premises. No one shall enter or remain on the premises without submitting to such an inspection. Security personnel may search the person of anyone entering the premises or any space in it. Anyone who refuses such a search shall be denied entry.


(e) Cellular Telephones, Laptop Computers, Tablets and Beepers. Anyone entering the courtroom is required to turn off all cellular phones and noise emitting beepers before entering the courtroom. Laptop computers and tablets will be allowed in the courtroom only upon prior request and approval of the Court, except while in use at counsel table.


(f) General Prohibition.  Except to the extent expressly authorized by the Court, no person shall photograph, record, broadcast, or otherwise transmit any proceeding, event or activity in or from any interior portion of the United States Bankruptcy Court space.  The Court may permit photographing, recording or broadcasting of ceremonial proceedings upon such terms and conditions as the Court may specify.


(g) Courtroom Attire. All persons appearing before the Court or attending Court are expected to dress in appropriate attire. The Court reserves the right to dismiss individuals from the courtroom if they are dressed inappropriately