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Filing Agents





Sometimes it is helpful or necessary to have one or more support staff assist in the electronic filing process. A new user type called “Filing Agent” has been created to identify an agent who files on behalf of someone else. An attorney or trustee can link to several filing agents, so that when an agent files on their behalf, the docket text and the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) shows the filer’s name (not the filing agent). Multiple filing agents may be associated to users in these user groups only: Attorney, Trustee and US Trustee.



Filing Agent Associated with One Attorney/Trustee/US Trustee


If an agent works for only one filer, the agent‘s transactions are always made on behalf of that filer and they have the same access permissions as their attorney/trustee has.



Filing Agent Associated with Multiple Attorneys/Trustees


If a filing agent works for more than one filer, the agent must select the desired filer from a list upon logging into the application. The selection made upon login can be changed at any time without logging out. When the agent is logged in on behalf of an associated filer, the name of the filer is displayed on the menu bar to avoid confusion.


A Change user button appears on the menu bar; this button displays a list of all possible filers, and clicking a name on the list changes the user. Once the appropriate filer is selected, the permissions that filer has granted to the agent remain in place unless and until the agent selects another filer. Because an agent may work with multiple filers, agents are not permitted to associate a default PACER login with their user accounts.




E-mail Notification


The filing agent will not receive email on their own; rather it will be directed to the email address designated by the attorney/trustee. If the attorney wishes the filing agent to also receive emails, he must add the filing agent’s email to the “Send notices to these additional addresses” screen in the “Maintain Your ECF Account” utility.






Although the filing agent’s name will not appear in the entry, the agent information is logged and is available through the Transaction Log report. For a filer with one or more associated agents, a new “User” filter now appears on the Transaction Log report. This filter lists the filer‘s name, as well as the names of all associated agents for that filer. By selecting all names listed, the filer can view all transactions logged in his name, either by the filer himself or by one of his agents. An additional “Filing Agent” sort option appears when filing agents are present.