Useful Tips

Tips for Filers

Review each section of the Self-Help page, especially “Before You File”, prior to filing your bankruptcy case.

  • Filing Fees cannot be refunded!
  • Carefully read and complete the forms necessary for filing. Always ensure you have the most recently updated forms as some forms are required to be updated annually. The last revision date of the form will be at the top of the form (i.e. 04/07).
  • Carefully read and review the Section 341 Meeting Notice for important dates and deadline information. Ensure that all pleadings have Case Name, Case Number and are signed and dated by the filer/debtor(s). If appropriate, make sure a Certificate of Service is attached.
  • Include a Creditor List (List of Creditors) on a floppy disk or CD; click here for detailed instructions on preparing the Mailing List.
  • Do not staple documents that will be filed with the Court together; fasten with a paper clip.
  • Keep copies of your court documents including the voluntary petition, any amendments to the petition, and the discharge. These documents may be necessary for future refinancing, to ensure that credit reports are accurate, or for other court-related matters.
  • Social Security Numbers and financial account numbers should never appear on the bankruptcy petition or pleadings (including tax documents or payment advices) in their entirety. Only the last four digits should appear: XXX-XX-1234. The B-21 Form which is filed with the petition will confirm the social security number of the debtor and will never become a public document.
  • The names/ages of minor children should not appear in the bankruptcy petition, or any other pleadings filed with the Court.