Other Bankruptcy Questions

  • I am a creditor in a Chapter 7 Asset or Chapter 13 case. When can I expect payment?

    There is no single answer to this question. Each case is unique and the length of time before you receive a dividend depends on the circumstances of the individual case. After the deadline for filing claims has expired, you should contact the case trustee and inquire as to the time frame for distribution of claim payments to creditors.

  • I am a creditor in a converted case. Do I need to file another Proof of Claim?

    No, once you have filed a proof of claim form with the court, you need not refile the claim after conversion.

  • I am a child support creditor. How can I determine whether my child support debt is non-dischargeable?

    Certain child support debts are excepted from discharge. If you and the debtor disagree, you may, by filing an appropriate Adversary Proceeding Complaint, ask the Court to determine whether your debt is non-dischargeable. It is strongly suggested that you obtain legal assistance to do this.