Other Bankruptcy Questions

  • What is an Ex Parte matter and how do I file for it?

    The term "ex-parte" simply means without notice. An ex parte matter is any motion or request for relief where the requestor wants the court to grant relief without giving notice to all interested parties. Ex parte relief is seldom granted and is generally limited to requests for hearings on shortened time, or to other special circumstances where there is some justification for not having to give notice to all interested parties.

  • Where do I get a copy of your court’s Local Rules?

    The Rhode Island Local Bankruptcy Rules are posted on the Court's website here (pdf version), and paper copies are available in the Clerk’s office. You can purchase easy to carry bound copies from the Court using this order form.

  • Who do I notify about a possible bankruptcy fraud?

    If you have information about someone who may be committing fraud in a bankruptcy case, you should notify the local Office of the United States Trustee at 10 Dorrance Street, Providence, R.I. 02903 (401-528-5551).

    Your letter should contain the following information:

    • The bankruptcy case name and file number, together with copies of any pertinent court filings.
    • A chronological summary of the matter.
    • A narrative of what occurred.
    • Names, addresses and telephone numbers (to the extent available) of the subjects and witnesses known to you.
    • Copies of any documentation you have to support your complaint of bankruptcy fraud should be included with your letter.

    Upon receipt, your letter will be reviewed promptly. If the information it provides establishes a reasonable belief that a criminal violation has occurred, the matter will be referred to the United States Attorney. The United States Attorney will cause the matter to be investigated further by the appropriate law enforcement agency and then will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the alleged bankruptcy fraud.