Local and Misc. Forms

If using a fillable form- please remember to reprint to PDF before uploading to ECF, this will remove the text boxes.

Form Description
DeBN Request Form Request Form for Activation, Deactivation and Updating your Email Address
LBR Form A Format for Preparing Creditor Matrix
LBR Form B Ntc to Creditors in Ch. 11 Case Scheduled as Disputed, Contingent, or Unliquidated
LBR Form C.1 Certification by Pro Se Debtor (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form C.2 Fee Application Summary Sheet
LBR Form C.3 Interim Fee Allowance Summary
LBR Form C.4 Final Fee Allowance Summary
LBR Form D Expense Information for Fee Waiver Application (rev. 12/1/13)
LBR Form E Petition for Payment of Unclaimed Funds (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form F.1 Identification Form for Unclaimed Dividends, Individual (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form F.2 Identification Form for Unclaimed Dividends, Business (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form G  Request for Debtor to File Post Petition Tax Information During Pendency of Case (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form H Motion by Party in Interest for Access to Tax Returns (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form I Report on Ballots
LBR Form J Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan of Reorganization
LBR Form K.1 Proposed Order of Distribution
LBR Form K.2 Ntc of Filing or Proposed Order of Distribution (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form L Chapter 11 Confirmation Worksheet & Certification (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form L.1 Combined Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement for Small Business Debtor
LBR Form M Proposed Order Confirming Chapter 11 Plan
LBR Form N Proposed Application for Final Decree
LBR Form N.1 Individual Debtor(s) Motion for Entry of Discharge and Cert. of Plan Confirmation
LBR Form O Requirements for Joint Pretrial Statement
LBR Form O.2 Discovery Plan
LBR Form P Notice of Substitute Counsel  (rev. 4/09)
LBR Form Q Proposed Notice of Intended Public Sale (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form R Relief from Stay Worksheet - Real Estate
LBR Form T Proposed Motion for Entry of Appearance PHV, with Attorney Certification (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form T.1 Attorney Certification in Support of Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form V Chapter 13 Agreement Between Debtor and  Counsel (rev. 6/11)
LBR Form W.1 - Word Chapter 13 Plan and Applicable Motions (rev. 04/01/14)
LBR Form W.2 - PDF Amended Ch. 13 Plan & Applicable Motions (rev. 10/18/13)
LBR Form W.2 - Word Amended Ch. 13 Plan & Applicable Motions (rev. 10/18/13)
LBR Form X Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form Y Motion to be Excused from Court (rev. 2/11)