Local and Misc. Forms

If using a fillable form- please remember to reprint to PDF before uploading to ECF, this will remove the text boxes.

Form Description
LBR Form A Format for Preparing Creditor Matrix
LBR Form B Ntc to Creditors in Ch. 11 Case Scheduled as Disputed, Contingent, or Unliquidated
LBR Form C.1 Certification by Pro Se Debtor (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form C.2 Fee Application Summary Sheet
LBR Form C.3 Interim Fee Allowance Summary
LBR Form C.4 Final Fee Allowance Summary
LBR Form D Expense Information for Fee Waiver Application (rev. 12/1/13)
LBR Form E Petition for Payment of Unclaimed Funds (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form F.1 Identification Form for Unclaimed Dividends, Individual (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form F.2 Identification Form for Unclaimed Dividends, Business (rev. 8/10)
LBR Form G  Request for Debtor to File Post Petition Tax Information During Pendency of Case (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form H Motion by Party in Interest for Access to Tax Returns (rev. 6/06)
LBR Form I Report on Ballots
LBR Form J Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan of Reorganization
LBR Form K.1 Proposed Order of Distribution
LBR Form K.2 Ntc of Filing or Proposed Order of Distribution (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form L Chapter 11 Confirmation Worksheet & Certification (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form L.1 Combined Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement for Small Business Debtor
LBR Form M Proposed Order Confirming Chapter 11 Plan
LBR Form N Proposed Application for Final Decree
LBR Form N.1 Individual Debtor(s) Motion for Entry of Discharge and Cert. of Plan Confirmation
LBR Form O Requirements for Joint Pretrial Statement
LBR Form O.2 Discovery Plan
LBR Form P Notice of Substitute Counsel  (rev. 4/09)
LBR Form Q Proposed Notice of Intended Public Sale (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form R Relief from Stay Worksheet - Real Estate
LBR Form T Proposed Motion for Entry of Appearance PHV, with Attorney Certification (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form T.1 Attorney Certification in Support of Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form V Chapter 13 Agreement Between Debtor and  Counsel (rev. 6/11)
LBR Form W.1 - Word Chapter 13 Plan and Applicable Motions (rev. 04/01/14)
LBR Form W.2 - PDF Amended Ch. 13 Plan & Applicable Motions (rev. 10/18/13)
LBR Form W.2 - Word Amended Ch. 13 Plan & Applicable Motions (rev. 10/18/13)
LBR Form X Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan (rev. 12/09)
LBR Form Y Motion to be Excused from Court (rev. 2/11)