The District of Rhode Island offers a database of opinions for the years 1996 to present, listed by year and judge.
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Decision & Order Requiring Debtor to File Means Test Form B22a after Conversion to Chapter 7 01/19/2007
  • In re: Christine B. Perfetto
  • BK No: 06-10509
Decision Apportioning Ownership Interests, and Order For Partition and Sale of Property 01/11/2007
  • In re: Thomas G. Degnan
  • BK No: 98-12011
  • AP No: 03-1072
Decision and Order Granting Post Trial Motion to Amend Complaint 12/18/2006
  • In re: Marc J. Pearlman
  • BK No: 04-12257
  • AP No: 04-1064
Order 10/16/2006
  • In re: Idc Clambakes, INC.
  • BK No: 05-12267
Order Vacating Default Judgment, And Denying Defendant’s Motions 10/10/2006
  • In re: Lana Marsiano
  • BK No: 05-12488
  • AP No: 05-1055
Decision and Order Denying Motion for Order Confirming Termination of the Automatic Stay 10/03/2006
  • In re: David Wayne Pope and Nairi Pope
  • BK No: 06-10169
Order (1) Denying Plaintiff’s Request for Entry of Default, and (2) Granting Defendants’ Motion to Answer out Of Time 07/28/2006
  • In re: Robert E. Wilusz and Lisa M. Wilusz, a/k/a Lisa Courchaine
  • BK No: 05-13822
  • AP No: 05-1078
Decision And Order Granting Plaintiff’s Request for Turnover, And Other Relief 07/28/2006
  • In re: Gloria M. Montes
  • BK No: 05-10490
  • AP No: 05-1054
Order 07/21/2006
  • In re: Brushy Brook Development Co., LLC
  • BK No: 05-13009
Order 07/10/2006
  • In re: Sherry A. Duclos
  • BK No: 05-12719