The District of Rhode Island offers a database of opinions for the years 1996 to present, listed by year and judge.
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Decision and Order Avoiding Transfers 06/01/2012
  • In re: Orlando Cabrera & Elvira M. Cabrera
  • BK No: 09-10758
  • A.P. No. 11-1018
Decision and Order Granting Trustee’s Motion for Summary Judgment 06/01/2012
  • In re: Kristyn L. Hill
  • BK No: 10-13417
Order Denying Confirmation 06/01/2012
  • In re: Joe D. Veloso & Andrea E. Veloso
  • BK No: 11-14100
Amended Order on Valuation 05/31/2012
  • In re: Joshua Andrew Driver
  • BK No: 11-13726
Order Granting In Part and Denying In Part Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss 05/07/2012
  • In re: P and  P “Quick-Sett” Services, Inc.
  • BK No: 10-14705
  • A.P. No: 10-1098
Decision Finding Stay Violation and Order Awarding Attorney Fees and Damages 05/04/2012
  • In re: Cheryl M. Tine
  • BK No: 11-12604
Decision and Order Modifying Secured Claim 05/04/2012
  • In re: Francisco A. Espinal
  • BK No: 11-11340
Decision And Order Denying Debtor’s Motion to Enforce Automatic Stay 05/04/2012
  • In re: Robert G. Blanchard
  • BK No: 11-13755
Order Denying Motion to Reopen 04/18/2012
  • In re: Thomas J. Mazni & Elena F. Manzi
  • BK No: 09-12612
Decision Granting In Part and Denying In Part Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss 04/13/2012
  • In re: Glenn R. Ahlborg
  • BK No: 11-12073
  • A.P. No: 11-1063