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Welcome to the Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Opinions Page. You may access court opinions in three different ways:


     Welcome to the Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Opinions Page.

     You may access court opinions in three different ways:


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Order (1) Granting Plaintiff's Request for Entry of Default, and (2) Granting Defendants' Motion to Answer Out of Time Jul 28 2006
  • In re: Robert E. Wilusz and Lisa M. Wilusz, a/k/a Lisa Courchaine
  • BK no: 05-13822
  • Lori J. Tavares
  • AP no: 05-1078

Decision and Order Granting Plaintiff's Request for Turnover, and Other Relief Jul 28 2006
  • In re: Gloria M. Montes
  • BK no: 05-10490
  • Independent Auto Sales, Inc.
  • AP no: 05-1054

Order Jul 21 2006
  • In re: Brushy Brook Development Co., LLC
  • BK no: 05-13009

Order Denying Debtor's Homestead Exemption Claim Jul 10 2006
  • In re: Theodore M. Sacharko and Julie Sacharko
  • BK no: 05-12490

Order Jun 23 2006
  • In re: Anna Schultheiss
  • BK no: 05-11660

Order Denying Petition for Unclaimed Funds Jun 16 2006
  • In re: Paul C. and Christine H. Chito
  • BK no: 97-14498

Order Jun 14 2006
  • In re: IDC Clambakes, Inc.
  • BK no: 05-12267
  • Goat Island South Condominium Association, Inc., by and through Daniel Kinder, Warren Galkin, Reeder Fox, Neil Bond, Neil Smith, Ray Morrissette and Shirley Mintz in their capacities as Executive Board Members
  • AP no: 06-1049

Order Jun 2 2006
  • In re: Arnold Kilberg
  • BK no: 04-10632
  • Joseph M. Diorio, Chapter 7 Trustee of Arnold Kilberg
  • AP no: 06-1023

Order May 31 2006
  • In re: David F. Kilmartin, Jr., and Julie A. Kilmartin
  • BK no: 05-15475
  • Phoebe Morse, United States Trustee
  • AP no: 06-1054

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order Appointing Independent Auditor May 16 2006
  • In re: Bruce E. Thunberg
  • BK no: 00-12818
  • Wakefield Mill Building, Inc
  • AP no: 02-1046


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