Do I Need An Attorney?

The Consumer Pro Se/Self Help pages were created to answer some of the most often asked questions by debtors filing for bankruptcy without legal representation. This guide is in no way intended to advise you of your legal rights or responsibilities under the bankruptcy laws, or to tell you what to file. Bankruptcy law is complicated and not easily described. If possible, you should seek the advice of an attorney. For information regarding choosing a lawyer and/or obtaining legal services at a reduced fee or free of charge, contact:

RI Bar Association: (401) 421-7799

Volunteer Lawyer Program: 1-800-339-7758 - (401) 421-7758

RI Legal Services: (800) 662-5034 or (401)274-2652

You are encouraged to visit the Court’s website at for information regarding local rules and procedures, local and federal forms, and additional resources to help you navigate through the bankruptcy process. The Clerk’s office is prohibited by 28 USC Sec. 955 from giving legal advice or assisting with the preparation of forms.