Where do I file?

Pre-filing Considerations

When you file for bankruptcy, you must check one of the following statements found on the second page of the bankruptcy petition. Debtor has been domiciled or has had a residence, principal place of business, or principal assets in this District for 180 days immediately preceding the date of this petition or for a longer part of such 180 days than in any other District. There is a bankruptcy case concerning debtor's affiliate, general partner, or partnership pending in this District. Debtor is a debtor in a foreign proceeding and has its principal place of business or principal assets in the United States in this District, or has no principal place of business or assets in the United States but is a defendant in an action or proceeding [in a federal or state court] in this District, or the interests of the parties will be served in regard to the relief sought in this District.

Once you have completed filling out the required bankruptcy petition, schedules, statement of affairs and creditor list, you may file these documents at the Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s office at 380 Westminster Street, 6th Floor, Providence, RI 02903, in person or through the mail provided that you supply the Court with a photo ID. In addition, in order for the Court to process your filing, you must accompany it with the required filing fee based on the chapter you are filing under (cashier’s check or money order only, no personal checks). The business hours and phone number for the Clerk’s office are posted on our website. If all required schedules/statements are not filed with the petition, the court will issue either  a 7 day or 14 day Order, depending on the the deficiency,  to file missing documents and if the debtor fails to comply, the court will dismiss the case.